You’re a badass. You’re driven, smart, and capable. But you have those couple areas of life where you can’t find your way forward. 

You’re STUCK.

And you don’t know why!

You’ve read all the self-help books. You’ve done courses. You’ve gone to therapy. You are doing the mufuckin work!

And you’re on the phone to your bestie like, “WHY CAN’T I GET IT TOGETHER?!”



You are not a shit show though. There are lots of areas of life that you have locked down. 

Which makes the fact that you: 

  • Can’t get your weight under control
  • Can’t get the courage to be more visible in your business
  • Can’t leave that unfilling relationship
  • Can’t get out of debt
  • Can’t leave that awful job
  • Can’t keep your house tidy
  • Can't get your adult children to function as, well ... adults
  • Can’t stop having one too many drinks one too many nights of the week

 even more frustrating to you.


Get Unstuck



First, you aren’t broken. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re still a badass. 

Every driven, make-shit-happen woman I know struggles with this. And you CAN unstuck yourself. You just need a bit of help from people who GET you, because we ARE you. 

Which is why we can help you:

  • Take ownership/reclaim power. 
  • Embrace imperfection. 
  • Take action. Doesn’t have to be big action to work. Small action is a really potent energy shifter.


From Jenine & Heather:

You aren't lazy or broken. You just need a little help getting unstuck. We've all been there. You are a badass, and YOU KNOW THAT. Let us help you FEEL it again. 


Unstuck Me!
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Mastermind Alumni:


I learned that my dreams are MY DREAMS and to accept the blessings that manifest from taking a step forward.

-Anna Walker


I learned I can dream big and accomplish those dreams with small steps, accountability, and love.

-Shirley Everingham


I learned that I am important and deserving. And my dreams are not unattainable, I just need to make them known to the Universe.

-Linda Greenwood

All The Details

Let us help you get unstuck, so you can become unstoppable. 



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