Ready for your glow-up?


Glow-up (n): a major and impressive transformation

Glow up (v): to become confident, believe in yourself, and stop giving a fuck what other people think

The last 18 months Jenine and Heather have been on a glow up journey. They weren’t aware that’s what it was until they had a photo shoot and saw themselves literally glowing. 

They've seen themselves do amazing things this year, like write and publish a book, start a flower farm, lose 30+ pounds, and manifest over $80,000 to become debt free.

It’s easy to overlook your transformations when they’re happening in real time, but the photos didn’t lie. They were completely different people than when they had their original branding photos taken 18 months ago. 

How did they do it? 

By using the Kindhearted Badass Method™ which they want to teach you in their new program, Glow Up!


Glow Up! - 10 Week Mastermind and Group Coaching using the Kindhearted Badass Method to get your glow back.

Start: Jan 17, 2023. The calls will be held on Tuesdays at 12:30 CST. BUT you don’t have to attend the call live to get the full benefits. You can watch the replay and still get your glow on.

Each call will start with Jenine and Heather teaching you a step of the Kindhearted Badass Method™. After the lesson you'll have Q&A time where you can get clarity on anything you don’t understand, then they will give you your homework for the week.

You’ll be assigned community pods/partners to mastermind with. You’ll do all your work inside the private Kindhearted Badass Crew Facebook group. (It’s the most amazing, supportive, safe community. You will LOVE IT.)

3 of the 10 weeks will be integration weeks and will not have calls. Those will follow the most difficult steps of the method: acceptance, kindhearted action, and badass action. You will need extra time to fully integrate those concepts.

What is the Kindhearted Badass Method™?

Week 1: Community and self-compassion first and foremost. These are mandatory and you MUST rely on them throughout every step of the KHB Method™. You will work through boundaries and the rules for who is allowed in your glow bubble. You’ll learn about co-regulation, why you need it, and how to do it.

Week 2: Awareness. You can’t do anything unless you’re aware of the problem. You will focus mostly on self—awareness. We are all already pretty good at being aware of other people’s issues and ignoring our own.

Week 3: Acceptance. You have to get to a place where you aren’t fighting and resisting. This is not easy. Especially when you are having to accept very painful things. Acceptance is not condoning, liking, or supporting. It’s acknowledging reality.

Week 4: Integration week.

Week 5: Ownership. Once you accept something you can get stuck in apathy if you don’t move on to the ownership step. Not everything is your fault, but how you respond is always your responsibility. You own your reaction and you own how you move forward.

Week 6-9 Action. This is broken into two sections: kindhearted action and badass action.

Week 6: You'll start with kindhearted action, where you will learn to regulate your nervous system and calm your constant state of fight or flight. You will also learn to put taking care of yourself first on your list.

Week 7: Integration

Week 8: When you can take kindhearted action without resistance, you'll move on to badass action. Here you’ll start getting intentionally uncomfortable. You will do hard things. When you are doing these hard things you are going to counterbalance them with kindhearted actions so you don’t burn yourself out. That will give you the ability to KEEP doing hard things, which will build your confidence and the belief that you CAN. You CAN have, be, and do whatever you want.

Week 9: Integration

Week 10: Results. Once you believe you CAN, you will. We’ll recap and celebrate your successes.

At this point you are a Lifetime Member of Kindhearted Badass™. Now that you know all the steps of the Kindhearted Badass Method™ you will continue to work through the steps, and in the process create the life of your dreams.  

Glow Up! is for you if one or more of these is true for you: 

  • You don't recognize yourself anymore.
  • You're so buried under everyone else's shit that you can't possibly find the energy for what YOU want in life. (If you can even remember what you want.)
  • You have a spouse, kids, home, job, dog. You did everything you were supposed to. You have so much ... and you're still not happy. Which makes you feel guilty. You feel like you should be grateful. Other people have it so much worse than you. You shouldn't complain. 
  • You hate your job.
  • You hate your spouse.
  • You hate your house. 
  • You hate your body.
  • You resent your kids. 
  • You're crabby all the time. 
  • You know you're not living up to your potential.
  • You know you're smart and capable, but can't seem to get your shit together.
  • You aren't sure if you even like yourself anymore.
  • You have one-too-many glasses of wine one too many nights a week so you can forget the day and numb the fact that you have to wake up and do it over again tomorrow.
  • You avoid connection with other people. 
  • You spend too many hours scrolling the feeds of other people's perfectly curate lives. 
  • You wish things were different, but you don't know what to do to make them different. 
  • You know there has to be a better way, but don't know what it is. 
  • You're stressed, snappy, overstimulated, depressed, overwhelmed, and over it. All of it. 



You can change your life, but you have to learn to be kind to yourself first. 

Yes, I do!


You can change your life, but you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Yes, I do!


You can change your life, but you need a safe community to support you as you do it. 

Yes, I do!

Check out these Glow Up! success stories!

Heather went from depressed, obese, resentful, isolated, and wildly unhappy living a bland and basic suburban life as a stay-at-home mom who didn’t recognize herself anymore and couldn’t succeed at basic life duties like doing dishes or keeping up with laundry, to losing 55 pounds, becoming an author, building a business, having a steamy relationship with her adoring husband, being surrounded by a gorgeous community of amazing humans, and living out her childhood dream of owning a farm where she now spends her days growing flowers and lazily lounging with a menagerie that includes goats, sheep, chickens, geese, and a sassy turkey. 

 Jenine went from an anxiety ridden, chubby, one-too-many glasses of wine one-too-many nights a week, stay-at-home mom with no friends, a rocky marriage, and a floundering “career” in real estate, to a glowing yoga goddess who abstains from alcohol, has visible abs, is CEO of a thriving business, has a sizzling marriage with her hot hubby, a robust network of bomb-ass women to take on life with, and spends her days in the warm Florida sun chasing dolphins on her paddle board. 

Linda went from being miserable in an empty marriage, working a job she hated for a boss she hated even more, overweight, zero confidence, no boundaries, putting everyone else first, no idea who she was and even less of an idea of who she wanted to be, to leaving her unfulfilling marriage, being head-hunted for a work-from-home job she loves, buying her own home as a sassy single, working out with a trainer, tackling lifelong emotional trauma, being brave and doing hard things like learning to ride horses or take solo cross country trips, knowing her worth, and being able to proclaim that she’s proud of herself for the first time ever. 


Early bird pricing of $777 for the ten week Glow Up! program and lifetime membership to Kindhearted Badass™ is available until Dec 31, 2022. Early bird pricing must be paid in full.

January 1st, 2023 the price for Glow Up! will increase to $1,555 (PIF) or $155/month for 12 months. 

You deserve a Glow Up! Get in here, boo. 

I'm ready to Glow Up!